Thanksgiving shopping

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and along with it, the biggest shopping day of the year. This year, electronics played a bigger role in Black Friday shopping than ever before, and after shopping, many came out of it with a new phone. Leaving many to wonder how the competition between Android and Apple played out.

More people shopping Apple than Android

Unfortunately for Android, Apple seems to have been the winner for Black Friday weekend this year.

On average, iOS users spent $118.57 per order during the holiday weekend while Android users spent an average of $95.25. Though this doesn’t necessarily mean that Apple got more sales than Android throughout the weekend, it does indicate that Apple tends to make more money per transaction than Android.

Technically, Android still has a bigger market share, but Apple apparently has more affluent customers who are willing to spend more on electronics, according to Digital Trends.

More people shopping on mobile

Another trend we saw this year for Black Friday and Thanksgiving day shopping was that people were using their mobile devices to make more purchases than ever before.

Digital Trends reports that 29 percent of Thanksgiving day sales came from mobile devices, and 27 percent of Black Friday sales were done through mobile devices. Both of those are increases from last year and show just how much people are beginning to rely on their phones for everything.

Using mobile to your advantage

More and more people are becoming dependent on their smartphones for everyday purchases, as we saw with Black Friday sales. On top of that, people are constantly buying the newest and most improved mobile devices, so they can have faster access to things than ever before.

If you haven’t already, your business should make every effort to switch to a mobile marketing strategy. People rely on their smartphones for everyday use and are apparently getting even more use making purchases through them than ever before. By getting on top of your mobile marketing and automated texting, you’ll be able to reach customers in a way they are comfortable and will be able to sell in a way they are comfortable.