Marketing to your customers is a huge part of your business, whether you are marketing directly to consumers or to businesses. Whatever the case, it is time for your business to start considering a shift to text marketing. Texting is a really easy way to market to your customers, and it is quickly being adopted by brands.

Customers prefer text to voice communications

29% of businesses are currently using text marketing efforts to reach their consumers and 64% of customers said they prefer text to voice communication with businesses, according to Mobile Marketing Watch. Another 77% of consumers like it when companies offer texting options for communication and 81% said they are tired of frustrated when they have to communicate with a company through voice. Your customers are begging for a faster and easier way to talk to your business, and your company can increase efficiency and customer satisfaction very quickly with text communications. It is time to get on board with text marketing.

text marketing statistics
Text Marketing Statistics. Source: Statista 2019.

How to use text marketing

You may be wondering what exactly your business would even use SMS marketing for. The top 2 goals for retailers when using text marketing is to drive revenue and improve the customer experience. Of all the businesses who do use text marketing, 79% saw an increase in one of those areas. It is definitely worthwhile for your business to make the change, especially with AI Chatbot making user experiences with texting a business better than ever before. Being able to recognize and answer a customer’s questions is an extremely valuable tool.

But allowing customers to come to you with their customer service needs through texting isn’t the only thing you should be using SMS to accomplish. It is also a great way for you to communicate with them. If your business offers a service that requires an appointment, such as a dentist office, a bridal shop, or even a restaurant with reservations, sending appointment reminders via SMS reduced missed appointments by 26%.

text message statistics

Sending your bill reminders and account updates through text, whether as a utility company, doctor’s office, or a credit card company, can reduce call center volume by 5%. Up to 80% of consumers preferred to track their orders via text when products were shipped, and coupons send through mobile texting got a 30-50% redemption and increase in traffic to the store.

Text messages are read within 4 minutes

Given that most people open a text message within four minutes after it is received, it is extremely valuable to be able to market to your customer through it. It is a way of reaching out to consumers in a way we’ve never been able to before, and it benefits both the business and the consumer. Whatever you decide to do to bring in new customers and maintain the old ones, remember that text marketing has huge advantages, and you will fall behind the competition if you don’t adopt it very soon.