Every company, no matter how big or small, has at least one person dedicated to marketing their product or service. It’s important to focus on getting new customers and making old customers feel welcomed back again. Now more than ever, incorporating the right technology into a marketing campaign can make or break your campaign, especially as you compete against other businesses using the technology. And with artificial intelligence and automation on your side, even a small business can be as competitive as a large one. Here are some things you should know about the truth of using artificial intelligence in marketing.

Using AI is essential

It’s almost 2019, and nearly every business has some form of marketing automation in place. That means those who haven’t already started working with an artificial intelligence company to get it set up are already falling behind. Not all companies are going to need the same thing, which is why AI is so helpful. It can give companies assistance in different ways making it easier than ever to meet your customer’s’ individual needs. Your business might be heavily invested in social media marketing while another might need to focus more on email and text automation. The ability to use automation in a way that is completely personalized for businesses as well as for each of their customers through the use of AI is becoming essential to every business.

Getting started isn’t difficult

Many companies haven’t gotten started using AI simply because they are worried it might be too difficult. Businesses are worried it will be too difficult to train all employees on the new system and it will be too hard to get a desired end result. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. AI will make it easier on your employees to get the right information to make decisions. Plus, working with an artificial intelligence company makes it even easier because they will come in, get it all setup, and train everyone for you.

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The cost is worth it

Another thing that holds most companies back is the fear that artificial intelligence will cost too much money. The truth is that have AI to automate many of your service will actually save you money because it will free up your employee’s time from busy work to doing the creative thinking that makes the biggest difference. You’ll be able to let a chatbot answer customer questions 24/7 instead of having employees on the clock all night. And you’ll be more productive in personalized texts and emails to customers. And you will no longer be wasting time and money guessing what customers want because AI can analyze customer data and tell you exactly what they want to see. The cost will ultimately save most companies money on their marketing costs.

Your current marketing isn’t enough

Many companies think that what they are doing is enough, and they don’t need to make any changes. And while it may be working just fine right now, you might find that customers become increasingly dissatisfied with what you have to offer, especially when other companies have more effective methods of advertising towards them. Not only does artificial intelligence give you a more efficient way of reaching out to and working with customers, it is also becoming the expectation. You don’t want to fall behind by not being on top of your marketing game, especially as your competitors get more used to automation in their regular advertising.

Personalization is essential

While many businesses think that a blanket text or email to their consumers is plenty good, customers are starting to expect more personalization in their contact with businesses. They want to get ads related to things they are currently searching for, and they want ads based on their location. Customers want a business to advertise to them based on their current needs instead of sending an ad they don’t need. A customer is more likely to interact with a company and make a purchase if they feel the company is reaching out to them personally instead of feeling like they are just one of the crowd.

Overall, automation and artificial intelligence are becoming key to a successful marketing campaign, and businesses cannot afford to avoid getting it for much longer. It is almost 2019, and customers expect it.