Every business wants to know how to succeed, and in a sense, it is still the same today as it was fifty years ago. Though, with technology in place, the emphasis has changed and things have become much more intense. Most businesses are only able to really focus on two of the pillars, which means your business can be ahead of the competition by simply focusing to ensure success in all three areas. Here are the three pillars and how your business should work to improve them.

Quality of product

This is very important. You need to have a great product that people are actually interested in getting. Even if you already have a great product, there’s always room for improvement and updating the options available to your customers, so they are always getting the best. Always look for ways to improve or add to give your customers what they really want.

Product or service price

It is important that you have a competitive price, especially with the internet making it much harder with a lot more competition. You could sell the best blankets in the world, and customers won’t buy it if it costs $500. It is especially important with Millennials and Generation Z, all who know how to easily access the Internet to find someone else who sells the same thing at a lower price. Though quality is still important to them, price makes a huge impact on whether or not they are going to even try it.

Customer Service

Probably the most important pillar now is customer service. It used to be that price and quality were more important because you were limited to buying local or only at the stores located close to you, but now, customers have the ability to shop all over the world, and with communication through smartphones and social media becoming so popular and easy to use, customer service has become much more important. You need to put a much bigger emphasis on programs that allow for easy customer service interactions, including two-way text marketing. Reaching your customers has never been easier, and you should do everything you can to provide amazing customer service.