Mobile marketing is a popular form of marketing that most companies are involved in one way or another  

Smartphones and tablets are so popular, interactive marketing applications are the new and creative way for companies to reach mobile consumers. Companies are in constant competition to come up with the most creative applications that will impress as well as bring in new customers. Research’s shown that interactive mobile marketing applications can boost profits for companies because of the sheer popularity of mobile devices.

Mobile applications boost consumer engagement, and because of that companies are seeing more business thanks to it. While there is much success behind these marketing applications, it is important for companies to regularly manage and update them in order to cater to the needs of their consumers.  If companies don’t keep up with advancing technologies, consumers easily lose interest in them, meaning a loss of business. Managing marketing applications can take time, but it is time well spent, proving time and time again that mobile marketing brings in business.

The importance of convenience

Convenience is perhaps the most important part of interactive applications.  If applications are difficult or frustrating to use, it’ll reflect poorly on the brand and consumers aren’t wasting their time with them.

 Companies must keep their marketing applications updated with the newest software in order to make them as convenient as possible. Currently, insurance companies are the leading industry when it comes to success seen from mobile applications. GEICO has just updated their mobile application by adding new features that used to only be accessible on a desktop computer.  Now their customers can easily access their accounts and other features through the application quicker than it would take them if they were using a desktop computer. Customers have taken well to the new changes because of how streamlined the app is. 

The updates allow customers to view their policies, change their coverage, view their ID cards, pay their bill, add and remove vehicles, and even submit claims. The very fact that the customers do not have to wait on hold for an agent, but can take care of everything quickly through the application no only keeps current customers happy, but is great incentive for new customers as well.  If companies want to see the same success, they need to adopt mobile marketing as a standard part of their business, as well as manage and update their mobile marketing techniques frequently.