Marketing is a vital part of bringing in business, but it is also a vital part of retaining business

In-and-out consumers are great, but it’s the loyal consumers that are perhaps the most important simply because they give companies good reputations. When companies think about marketing, many of them forget that it is just as important to reach out to loyal consumers, as it is to impress potential consumers.

Mobile marketing basics

Mobile marketing is perhaps the most popular form of marketing today considering that most consumers have smartphones that they are attached to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Smartphones are ideal for companies of all types because it’s an easy way to reach a broad audience. As a smartphone owner, you understand that your life is on the device, and therefore, receiving mobile ads for your favorite businesses through your smartphone is just another way technology makes life that much easier.

SMS advertisements are one of the most personal ways companies can advertise to their consumers as well as build a loyal consumer base. In our saturated market, there is need for more personalized marketing to gain loyal consumers. Not only do companies have the opportunity to connect with their consumers on a personal level through SMS ads, it’s also a great way to drive brand advocacy.

Here are some ways companies can find success in getting to know their consumers on a personal level:

  1. Data collection – the more information a company has about a person, the more likely they will be able to cater advertisements to them.
  2. Don’t just send advertisements – consumers appreciate coupons, but they also appreciate personalized happy birthday wishes, and while some companies may think it is a waste of time, data shows that the more important a consumer feels, the more likely they will continue to bring business to the company.
  3. Interests – if a company’s consumer base is too large making it impossible to get to know each consumer on a personal level, companies can cater advertisements to groups of different interests such as age, gender, etc.

Examples of successful personalized advertisements

When companies take advantage of mobile technology by choosing to market on a personal level, consumers are more likely to stay loyal to them. There can be several of the same types of businesses in the area, particularly big cities, but if consumers are receiving regular and personalized advertisements for one, chances are they’ll stick with the one offering a deal.  Companies have a great opportunity to take part in mobile marketing, and staying ahead of the game means personalizing advertisements in order to retain loyal consumers.