It’s nearly the end of the year, which means it is time to start strategizing for the new year. What will be your marketing techniques, and how will you compete with the competition? To get you started in the right direction, here are the top 10 2019 marketing trends.

  1. Chats using more AI technology

Whether communicating through texting or online chats, expect more businesses to start incorporating more AI technology. Artificial intelligence technology has progressed significantly in the last couple of years and is continuing to improve at an amazing rate. More companies are starting using AI in communications with customers. An artificial intelligence startup can get your business set up.

  1. More accurate recommendations

Machine learning can learn the behaviors of customers pretty quickly. It is the reason why advertisements have become so personalized over the years. Your company can use this technology to make valuable recommendations to customers on what they should buy and how it is applicable to their current situation. More companies will be using this type of technology in the new year.

  1. Increase in augmented reality

Augmented reality is one of the hottest new things in the market right now. Companies have already been working to create more games available for augmented reality, especially since the new iPhone features have been released, but we can expect to see augmented reality ads hitting the market pretty hard in 2019.

  1. The beginning of self-driving car ads

If cars are driving themselves, and customers no longer need to focus on the road, there’s more opportunity for marketing. More in-car advertising will be expected in the new year for self driving cars as they become more popular.

  1. More Voice-content search optimization

More and more people are using their voice to search things through Siri, Google, Alexa, and other personal assistants. As these become the norm in every major households, you can expect more searches to start happening through voice commands instead of being typed into the box. 2019 will be the year marketers start really focusing in on optimizing for those voice searches.

  1. Social media focus on Instagram

In 2019, we’ll see more of a business focus on Instagram instead of Facebook. Facebook has been the biggest advertising social media platform for years, but it is about to change. Instagram is perfect for businesses because it is the best and easiest way to create a personal relationship with customers. Plus, brands are seeing more engagement from customers on Instagram than any other platform right now, making it extremely valuable.

  1. Time to start going live

When going live on social media first became a thing, customers weren’t entirely on board right away just yet. However, it has become not only a popular method of getting news to customers in real time; it is now expected by many customers. Companies who aren’t going live are falling behind, meaning the new year will be the year of live social media posts.

  1. No more Twitter

While a lot of people still have and use their Twitter accounts, it hasn’t shown growth in quite some time. Most businesses and customers have started shying away from Twitter and focusing their efforts on other social media platforms such as Instagram and SnapChat. In 2019, you can expect Twitter to die completely.

  1. Increased use of influencer marketing

The success rate with using influencer marketing has been phenomenal, as 95% of marketers who use it say it is beneficial. You can expect the use of influencers to increase next year, so it is important to figure out what to look for in an influencer and how to market your product with them.

  1. Death of virtual reality marketing

As virtual reality became a hot thing among customers, businesses started to think it would become a new way to focus marketing. Unfortunately, creating the ads was extremely difficult, as it was hard to create a high-quality ad in virtual reality and it was expensive. In 2019, the virtual reality marketing sector will likely die, especially since many customers aren’t even using VR on a regular basis.

There will be a lot of changes in marketing in 2019, but if your company can keep up, then it shouldn’t be too difficult to stay ahead of the competition.