The new year is almost here, and with it comes a new opportunity for your business to find success. You can do more than last year, but first you must analyze what was successful in the past and what will be happening in the future. In 2019, there will be many changes to marketing because of improving technologies. Here are the top 7 marketing trends you should expect in the new year.

Interacting with your customers

Customer interaction is big, and it is easier than ever with social media. The whole point of social media is it gives people a place where they can talk about themselves, so asking about their lives and for their opinions in your posts will bring a lot of interaction. It is amazing how much value you can get by simply asking your customers about their preferences, and it gives your company an idea of where to prove with the product or service.

Livestreaming on social media

Live Streaming was launched on Facebook in perfect timing for the election. Politicians were able to livestream their events and make the people feel like they were there even if they were really sitting in their living rooms. It is a tool you can expect businesses to be using often in 2019, as it gives them a good opportunity to reach out to their customers and make them feel a part of whatever is happening in the business.

Content that disappears

The younger generations have built Snapchat into much more than a social media platform for hanging out with friends. It gave businesses the opportunity to learn that customers really like short-lived content, according to Forbes. Something that soon disappears makes it feel more exclusive to the customer.

Mobile for everything

It is important to note that mobile is the future of marketing. People are spending more time researching companies and making purchases on mobile than they ever have before, and it is quickly becoming the best way to communicate with your customers. Consider mobile for the majority of your marketing tactics in the new year.


Chatbots have developed into the point where customers often don’t even realize they are speaking with a chatbot instead of a live representative. Artificial intelligence has played a huge role in this. It is one of the best ways to offer quality customer service to people all the time rather than just during limited business hours. Plus, they can offer users personalized preferences and news updates.

“Buy” buttons through social media

The newest thing for businesses that are selling goods is to offer them directly through social media. Some customers don’t like to go through the effort of going to another web page, putting in all their credit card information, and buying everything. The new “buy” buttons through social media allow them to do it then and there, and it will increase the number of impulse buys you get to your site. This is a trend to look forward to in the new year.

Get personal

It is extremely valuable for a business to be able to personalize their advertising to each individual customer. And it is more possible than ever before because of Google and Facebook and their ability to track user preferences to determine ad space. 2019 will be the year we see personalization go through the roof, so customers will have exactly what they want catered to them.