Ridesharing is one of the ways the world is changing due to smartphones. Rather than waiting for a taxi or calling a car service to pick you up, you can now whip out your smartphone, pull up your Uber app, and get a ride from a nearby vehicle. It is one of the many ways smartphones are making our lives a whole lot easier. Uber has faced many obstacles over the years including new legislation, insurance issues, and lawsuits; however, it has made it through to the other side proving it is a great company focused on a necessary service. One new security measure put in place proves just how dedicated Uber is to its drivers and riders.

A real-time ID check

Partnering with Microsoft, Uber just launched a service using real-time ID check. It will require that drivers post to their account a selfie and then take a selfie to verify identity when using the service, according to CNBC. In a time where cyber hacking is really prominent and private account information is stolen online all the time, it was important for Uber to take a step in protecting drivers from having their accounts hacked with this feature. It is also good for the riders to know that they won’t be picked up by someone other than the person who has already been vetted by Uber to be a safe driver.

The technology works by comparing a current picture of a person to the one on their account. If the pictures don’t match, Uber will freeze the driver’s account until they can look into it further. The technology has had over 99% accuracy, according to Uber, and can even recognize the person when facial hair has been shaved or grown.

Smartphone usage increasing

This is just another way people are using their phones for everything. As a business, it is important that you are able to integrate services such as customer service into smartphones so you are able to take advantage of this dependency on mobile.

Source: CNBC