If you are a business that sells products or services for other businesses, the traditional marketing methods may not work for you. That is why a lot of these business to business (B2B) companies often neglect major key marketing areas such as social media and mobile marketing. Unfortunately, you are still marketing to people, even if those people happen to be business owners, so you might want to consider putting more stock into typical marketing methods than you were previously. Here are a few reasons why mobile marketing is so important for B2B.

Business decision makers using mobile more frequently

Typically, business decision makers are going to have smartphones that they use to work from. And they are using these smart phones to do research for products and services their company may need. According to Search Engine Land, 42 percent of researchers use a mobile device during their B2B purchasing process. In fact, 49 percent of B2B researchers are even doing their searches while they are at the office working, so it isn’t even something that business owners are doing on off time when they are just playing on their phones later. People are actively looking for and researching your kind of product or service, so it is important that your  mobile site is friendly and that you really understand how to use mobile marketing to the best of your abilities.

Get started with a mobile website

Mobile website optimization is the first place to start. Even if you are marketing towards your potential customers through other means, such as text or email, you’ll find that business decision makers will research your website before making a final decision. Get your website up to speed, and make sure it is optimized for mobile, so people won’t be annoyed trying to figure out how to use their websites from their phones. Though you may not think it is necessary to keep a blog going on your site or worry too much about having the right content, you’d be wrong. There are a number of B2B companies that miss out on great opportunities to get customers simply because they aren’t being found in Google searches. Business owners use Google to find information too.

Text marketing

The next best step is going to be sending out texts to your potential customers. If your website is already a great place for them to go for resources, then you will want to send some messages that direct business owners to your site. Emails are great, but they are often stopped by spam filters or automatically sent to the trash. There aren’t a lot of blockers available for text messages, and most people wouldn’t even think to block a text. It is especially a great way to open communication with your customers if they can text you back asking questions they may have about your product or service.

Source: Search Engine Land