Mobile marketing is something all of our companies have to use to market our business, or at least we should all be using as a powerful means of marketing

If you haven’t already immersed yourself in mobile marketing or haven’t done any mobile marketing at all, you need to get started right away. The value of apps has increased significantly, people are always connected somehow. Here are some things to consider if you haven’t dived in quite yet.

App values skyrocket

First things first: the value of an app is significantly more than you might imagine. You may be thinking to yourself that apps aren’t that big of a deal, and having an app might not help your business at all. If you think that, then you are wrong. There’s nothing that proves this more than the fact that Facebook just bought the company WhatsApp for $19 billion, according to the Wall Street Journal. The app was a startup messaging app that Facebook wanted to incorporate into its business model, but that was only possible through making the purchase. You might think an app worth $19 billion at least has games associated with it, but it is simply an app to make communicating easier with your friends. Despite how simple the app is, Facebook was still willing to pay the big bucks to buy it. This shows just how important apps can be, even if they seem rather simple. Mobile marketing is easier with an app for your company, so you may want to consider changing your business model to include an app of some sort, whether that is to track orders, make purchases, or manage an account.

More people always connected

A recent survey of 574 people showed that almost half were considered “always connected,” according to Mobile Marketing Watch. The criteria for being considered “always connected” were that you use the internet 3 times a day in 3 different places with 3 different devices. The people in the survey had to do this consistently for 7 days in a row. Now, think about that. Most of these people are using computers, tablets, smartphones, ipods, and more to stay constantly connected. And this isn’t just happening once or twice a week; it’s happening all week long. It’s also a significant amount since only 25% of consumers met this criteria in 2010. So in four years, it has doubled. Just imagine where we’ll be in another four years!

If people are staying connected like this on every day of the week, then you need to bump up your online advertising methods. You cannot get away with just advertising on billboards and with flyers anymore. You may not ever even get to your target audience that way. And most of these people are using mobile devices to access the internet, meaning you need to improve all your mobile marketing efforts. There aren’t a lot of places you can go and guarantee you’ll hit your audience, but mobile marketing helps you get there. Start with a simple texting campaign to see how much your business grows, then slowly work your way into optimizing your website for mobile and building up your social media following.


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