Everyone’s familiar with Walmart’s “Price Match Guarantee” where if customers find a better deal on products at a different store, Walmart matches the price

Yes, we’ve all stood in line behind the dedicated “price matchers” showing the checker their coupons and ads in order to price match every little item they can. It is a great idea that definitely drives business to Walmart, but it’s not the easiest way to save for customers who are in a hurry. Walmart realized that the intense research for deals is often tedious for customers, so they’ve come up with a new and easier way to do so with their Savings Catcher application.

The Walmart Savings Catcher Up

Savings Catcher is a tool that compares prices of products at different stores with Walmart’s prices, essentially doing all the tedious research work for the customer.

Instead of customers having to show the Walmart checkers every little ad or coupon in order to price match items, the Savings Catcher app will reimburse customers with an eGift card if lower prices on products are found at different stores.  All customers have to do is scan their Walmart receipt via QR codes into the Walmart Savings Catcher app, and the app does the rest, making life even simpler for shoppers.

Studies have shown that customers are looking for ease and convenience, which is why stores like Walmart and Target are more popular than traditional grocery stores. Target is Walmart’s biggest competitor, so the Savings Catcher app is a great way for Walmart to reach out to customers simply for its ease of use.

Keeping things simple is key

Thanks to mobile technology, marketing has never been easier for businesses.

Consumers are looking for the best deals and the simplest ways to get them. We no longer live in a patient society, meaning companies must find the easiest and most efficient ways to reach their customers and keep their business.  Walmart has accomplished this task with their Savings Catcher app, giving their customers a convenient way to shop as well as save money.  Not all businesses can afford to price match like Walmart, but businesses should take advantage of mobile marketing because not only will it bring in business, it will also keep business.

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