Every successful business knows they need to focus on three main things in order to beat the competition. There’s qualify of product or service, customer service, and price point. You may not need to work on your quality or price point, but there are always ways to improve customer service, especially in an age of technology giving you hundreds of different ways to communicate with your customers. Here are some ways your customer service department can engage with customers.

AI Chatbots

The concept behind AI Chatbots is simple. You will be allowing a computer to communicate with your customers instead of a human being. While customers who call in for help don’t often respond well to automated machines, they may never even know they aren’t talking to a real person when communicating through messaging. Chatbots are programmed to be able to recognize and understand a conversation and will put together the pieces of what the customer asked in order to come up with a solution and answer.

This method of communication engages your customers without having to have customer service available 24/7. It is something every business should consider because it allows customers to communicate through texting, Facebook messaging, and even email. According to Forbes, having chatbots available for Facebook messaging is smart because you are using a platform your customers are already used to, and it removes the repetition that often occurs during customer service calls or chats.

Social Media

As already mentioned, allowing for customers to get answers to their questions through social media is very helpful to your audience. You are communicating with customers in a place they already spend a lot of their time, and so it isn’t too far out of their way to go to your Facebook page and ask you a question. It is important that you are answering messages being sent to your company, but it is equally important that you are answering posts on your Facebook wall. If someone is upset with your company, they will post it publicly on social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. And as a company, being able to respond to that immediately to help resolve the issue will show future customers that you take complaints seriously and want to be able to resolve problems.

A couple of ways to really engage customers through social media is by asking about their lives and through giveaways. Social media was created based on the concept that people like to talk about themselves and show off a bit of their lives. That means asking people something will get much more involvement, and the more they respond, the more their friends will see your post as well. For example, you could ask customers what their favorite food was during their Thanksgiving meal this year or what gifts ideas they have come up with. A giveaway also helps engage because a customer is much more likely to comment on your post if they think they can win something for it. It is all about engagement because a customer who engages with you is more likely to remember you.