The world is filled with businesses who likely do or sell the same thing or something similar to what you have. The internet makes it possible for people to easily find them too, meaning you can find more poeple who want what you have and they can find more businesses that do it than just you. While the cost of getting a new customer can be outrageous depending on your marketing, the cost of maintaining customers can be almost nothing if you make sure you always treat them right. The goal of a business should never be to get one time customers but to get customers and keep them for life. And customer service is the place to start.

A tough path with Millennials

Of course, the Internet plays a huge role in this, but it should be noted that Millennials are not a loyal generation. If you are not offering the best product at the best price with the best customer service every single time, they will easily walk away. If you slip on price or quality here or there, as every business is bound to do, having superb customer service will make up for it. They may be able to forgive a little if you give them something in return. It is about treating them like family, and they will treat you like family in return.

More likely to sell with current customers

Getting a new customer to buy your product or service can be very difficult, according to Entrepreneur. The probability is only between 5-20 percent. But the chances of selling to an existing customer is 60-70 percent, meaning you will have much more success with anyone you’ve already sold to than trying to steal customers from someone else. And while you shouldn’t stop trying to get new customers, it is even more important that you continue to provide excellent customer service in order to maintain the ones you currently have.

A crutch to your marketing efforts

If you didn’t already know it, marketing uses customer service as a crutch to get where it is going. Sure, text marketing is a valuable way to reach out to your customers, but offering text customer service capabilities will provide a quality tool that your customers want and need. And that will lead them to telling their friends about your business. There’s no doubt that word of mouth advertising is the best kind you can get, and taking care of your customers through all their needs will lead to more word of mouth than you’ve seen previously.

Fewer problems created

When customer service is being executed properly and efficiently, it is going to mean your company is dealing with fewer problems. Customers feel confident in purchasing knowing that they can always come to you with questions or concerns, and automated texting services allow them to get answers to their questions at any time of day or night. Customers who feel like they are valued and being treated right won’t find problems that don’t exist whereas customers with a bitter taste in their mouth from the service they’ve received may end up creating problems or coming back to you with tiny little problems they wouldn’t have noticed otherwise.