How is texting important to mothers? Texting is everything! Mothers are very busy already. The last thing they want to do is hold a phone up to their head while changing a poopy diaper. It is hard enough being a mom already without being a slave to your phone. Ugh! You can’t win.

Germs and diseases

Health is important to mothers too. Every time you put your germ infested phones up to your faces, you risk catching viruses. Even if you sanitize your phones regularly, your kids always seem to find a way to contaminate them with germs. It’s a love hate relationship for sure. Where do you put your phone after it has been contaminated with germs? Yeah, that’s right: up to your mouth or on your beautiful skin where, coincidently, you break out the next day in the very spot this evil device rested. Ick!  Texting is the way to go for modern mothers, and old-school mammas are definitely catching on too.

Exploding devices

Now that I’ve freaked you out, let’s consider some other reasons texting is the best for moms. There are a ton of current device problems including explosions! It would be much safer if you were texting when your phone exploded. Can you imagine if you were talking on your phone and bang! Your phone explodes and now your eye has a piece of glass wedged in it blinding you. What? That would be terrible for a busy mom, so thank goodness for texting. I would much rather lose a finger than an eye. Well maybe not, but still, at least you could toss it away more easily and end up unscathed.

Stress of phone calls

Let’s now focus on a more personal aspect that I think affects tons of moms. I have three words for you: Phone call anxiety. Oh my Goodness, who’s calling me? It’s even worse when it’s, for example, your cousin or someone you really want to talk to, but you just can’t make yourself answer the phone because you are too busy to sit down and chat. So you bite the bullet and text “Hey, what’s up?” And then it is awkward because they know you just dodged their call. Maybe I’m telling on myself here, “Hey sorry Dan, it’s me not you”.

Most common reason: Convenience

I conducted a very short Facebook survey from all my mom friends, and the most common answer to why texting is important to them was convenience. I definitely have to agree. Texting makes communication so much better and easier. You can respond when you want and not feel forced into conversations you’re just not ready for. Maybe you’re driving, cleaning, or you have a sleeping baby in your arms. Also, texting allows you so much more privacy. You can get away with having adult conversations with the kids without the kids repeating your words.

Texting allows you to edit and delete before sending something stupid, too. Unlike your mouth when some crazy stuff could fly out unintentionally hurting someone’s feelings. Although you must be careful to leave the recipient spot blank if you are texting in the heat of the moment, so you don’t accidently hit the send button on a conversation you were most likely going to delete. Laugh out loud people. I’m just keeping it real.

Fast and on your time

Last but not least, texting is great for moms because you can send texts anytime to anyone with a cell phone, including your kids and, of course, the love of your life, whoever that may be. Staying connected with the people you love the most in a seemingly disconnected world is what it is all about.