Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are becoming more commonplace in the workplace than ever before, and it is making it possible for customer service speed and accuracy to improve significantly. This means that businesses that are already taking advantage of AI and ML are already ahead of the game, and those who are not have already fallen behind. Most businesses already have ML in mind, as 90% of CIOs interviewed said they were either already using ML or planned to incorporate it very soon into their business model. Here are some reasons you should start working with an artificial intelligence company as soon as possible.

Automation creates efficiency

There are so many things about customer service that can be automated in a customer service environment to save time. For example, customers may text and ask your store hours or return policy 20 times a day. But with AI, those questions will be answered immediately allowing your customer service agents to focus on tasks that require human processing instead of wasting time answering mundane and repetitive questions. AI and ML are also very helpful when doing other mundane tasks such as paperwork.

Accurate measurements and report

To determine what methods of communication are effective, your business should be running reports and measuring the effectiveness of what you are doing. With ML in place, you can run these reports and then use that data to create a more effective AI programs that your customer service department can use.

Automate paperwork

Maybe it used to take your customer service representatives half their day to complete all the paperwork associated with each call or text they took, but it was something your business dealt with to ensure you got enough information. Fortunately, the right ML and AI can do that for you making it possible for your customer service to get to customers faster and be more efficient with the time they have.

Use ML for complex decisions

Many people know that AI and ML can be used to answer simple and mundane questions, but it is more than that. ML can actually be very helpful in making complex decisions, as 52% of CIOs said they already are using it for that very purpose.

Get decision automation

Another great benefit from using AI in your customer service is that it can help with decision automation. In the next three years, it is expected that AI in customer service will drastically improve the speed of decisions, accuracy of decisions, and it is expected to drive top line growth.

Improve customer satisfaction

Customers are as annoyed with long wait times and long customer service experiences just as much as businesses are. It can also help improve the speed of the interaction ensuring the customer is given the right information as quickly as possible or directed to the right customer service representative. There is almost nothing worse than waiting on hold for 20 minutes to talk to someone just to then be transferred around and wait on hold again. Rather than having frustrated employees and frustrated customers, use AI and ML technology to improve your customer satisfaction.