Though many believe a texting service is limited to certain types of businesses, there is no denying the positive effect SMS messaging has for the education system.


Aviaro takes the worry out of school-to-parent communications with its bulk SMS campaigns and patented artificial intelligence automatic responders. Now teachers can speak directly with the parents of all their students with one text message, alerting them important emergency situations, closures or to teacher-specific alerts like projects, field trips, homework assignments, and more. The URL shortener function available in each campaign message and auto-responder similarly allow parents to directly view websites containing individual grades and school-wide announcements. Similarly, school nurses can send templates to parents whose children come to the office in need of medication or to remind parents about required vaccines. The best part is parents can always text into the school’s messaging number, asking for more information regarding events and frequently asked questions. Aviaro provides all this and dozens more features for a much lower cost than other SMS messaging services, making it easier than ever for families and educators to work in tandem to create the most efficient school systems possible.

College / University

With thousands of students in attendance at most colleges and universities at any given point in time, it can be difficult to maintain lines of open communication between educators, school officials, and the students themselves. Aviaro bridges that gap with mass text messaging and A.I. responders – now, schools can focus on the most important aspects of day-to-day activities and students will always be in-the-know when they text in to ask questions regarding events, announcements, issues, and more. The bulk SMS campaign function also allows officials to send pertinent information directly to the student body, ensuring everyone will receive and read these messages in real time. Professors can use this feature as well, reminding students of upcoming assignments and special announcements prior to classes beginning. Plus, with the URL shortener, it has never been simpler for professors to direct their students to specific websites, including grading sites. Aviaro is also incredibly useful in times of emergency, so everyone on or off campus is consistently aware of goings-on at the college or university. There are dozens of features offered on Aviaro, all for less than our leading competitors, which means educational systems can protect their bottom lines while becoming more efficient than ever.