Email is a great way to reach consumers in a personal way as most consumers check their email multiple times a day from multiple devices

Changing role of email marketing

Companies used to struggle to gain their consumers’ trust enough to get their email addresses, but most consumers are familiar with and appreciate mobile marketing now meaning they are more than happy to give companies their email addresses if it means they will receive special offers. Email advertising is one of the most popular forms of mobile marketing, bringing success to those who use it. Consumers like email ads because they are in control of them. They have the option of whether or not to receive email messages from companies, and because consumers have this control they are not afraid to give their email addresses out.

Clear, concise marketing messages

While consumers are in control of the emails they receive, there are still important rules companies need to follow if they want consumers to actually view their ads. Consumers are all about convenience, and reading long emails full of information will only scare consumers away.  According to Mobile Marketer, it is not so important that all the information is fully viewable, but only the most important content, keeping messages short and to the point.  If messages look loaded with obnoxious content, consumers are likely to erase the message before they even open it, so companies should keep in mind that the simpler the ads are the better.

Email ads need to be mobile friendly

Most consumers check their email using their smartphones or tablets, and if email messages are not easily accessible on those devices they’re likely to be deleted.

Consider using bolder fonts that can be viewed on smaller screens. Just because smartphones and tablets cannot handle as many pixels as computers can does not mean ads have to be unproffesional. Research shows that bigger fonts, buttons and more white space draw in consumers and can actually be kept at 600 pixels or less meaning the consumers can view the whole ad from their mobile devices with ease.

mobile friendly emails
Optimize your ads for mobile. (Google)

If companies want their email ads to be successful they should be interactive. Consumers should be able to respond to the email ads without complication. Companies should look at adding features like click-to-call phone numbers so consumers can easily contact them, or links that take consumers to the company websites.  If consumers have to close out of their email and then open up their browser to access the company site, it is likely they will not visit the site.  Again, consumers are looking for convenience and simplicity, and if ads take up too much time or effort from the consumers, they will be overlooked.