Marketing is a tricky business because you need to balance your need for getting more customers with the customers’ need to buy your product or service. Many approach marketing as a method of tricking customers into buying something they don’t need, but the truth is that customers want to buy your product or service. Sometimes, sales are struggling because many people don’t even know you exist let alone that you have a product that they want. Another reason is that they have forgotten your company as they have had so many other businesses that do the same thing offer services through marketing. That is why it is so important to up your marketing game, especially your mobile marketing.

Marketing with smartphones

Everyone has a smartphone, which makes it a really powerful tool for marketing. Media Post compares this to the television where it was initially just a piece of great technology that provided media but ended up being used as a great marketing tool. Once businesses realized they could reach anyone watching the program by throwing in an ad or two, it became the norm. The same applies to smartphones. You can reach way more people by advertising through a technology medium everyone is using. The only difference is that there are a lot more option for marketing techniques when using mobile rather than just the typical ad that would have played during a television program.

Facebook and Google

A lot of people on the internet are primarily using Facebook for social media and Google for web searches. For your business, this means they are powerful marketing tools because they have huge amounts of traffic. They have also both done a very good job of allowing for advertising without disrupting the customer experience, making users more likely to view your ad and click to see where it takes them. The more your business learns to use these tools, the more success you’ll have in reaching new customers and helping them realize you have a product or service they may be interested in purchasing. Other social media options are also important, but Facebook and Google should be your first priorities when getting set up.

Texting options

One of the reasons why text marketing is such a good option for mobile marketing is because you can reach customers whether they use Facebook and Google or not. Even if they don’t have a smartphone, they can still receive text messages. It is a marketing tool that is most valuable for reminding customers that you exist and that you have provided them with services in the past. For example, someone who is trying to figure out where they want to go for lunch is more likely to choose your restaurant if you have sent them a text with a deal, regardless of whether or not they even use your deal. It gets their brain thinking about your business which leads to them showing up for food.

Source: Media Post