More than half of Americans (55%) are on Instagram. It has consistently been the fastest growing social media platform for more than a year now. If you’re looking to move beyond just Facebook for your social media marketing efforts, or if you’re already using Instagram, consider the following five tips that can help you achieve more success with Instagram marketing.

Invest in Instagram analytics tools

A few well-chosen analytics tools can be the difference between Instagram marketing success and failure. Look for at least three kinds of tools:

    • A tool to help you measure the reach of your posts including engagement and click-through rates
    • A tool that you can use to automate the release of content especially after business hours so you can set it and forget it. This tool should also provide some insight about the best time of day or best day of the week for certain types of content or for reaching a particular audience.
    • A tool that will track trends and specific keywords that it will be important to comment on. This tool will be helpful when it comes to influencer marketing and participating in relevant conversations.

Make the most of user generated content

When you establish a presence on any social media platform you’re opening yourself up to the public’s commentary both positive and negative. Since there’s nothing you can do about it, you might as well embrace it. Of course, you’ll want to try to encourage more positive user generated content to outweigh any negative. Contests that encourage Instagram users to submit their own content regarding your brand are a great strategy. With their permission you can even use their content in your own marketing campaign.

Cross promote with other mobile channels

No single social media platform should operate in a vacuum. You should be using Instagram to encourage followers on your other social media platforms. You should be using other social platforms to build your following on Instagram. Finally, you should be using mobile channels like SMS and your mobile website to encourage more social media engagement on Instagram and other social media platforms.

Use influencer marketing

Pay attention to the Instagram users whose opinions hold a lot of weight with your ideal audience. These are influencers–people with a following and a valued opinion. Share their content with your followers and participate in conversations about that content. Build relationships with these influencers and when appropriate, approach them about giving a fair and honest review of one of your products or services.

Create and share video content

Video content is far more likely to be engaged with that image or text-only content but many brands don’t create their own video content because they don’t know how. Video content doesn’t have to be professionally created. Your smartphone’s built-in camera and mic are good enough if the content is original and authentic.