Building a contact list for your business

If you’re a business owner and you’re launching a text message marketing campaign, you’re going to need a contact list.

Rules are in place to prevent businesses from sending unwanted texts to consumers. That means you need to get people to opt in to receiving your texts. How is this done? Offer something they desire in return for signing up, a sense or urgency and belief that they will be valued in the contact list.

If you want your text message marketing campaign to be effective, the incentive can’t stop at a one time incentive.

Your customers need to continue to perceive value in remaining on your texting list and ensure that they keep coming back.

Share the love

The goal of any type of advertising is to reach as many people as possible. Due to the high trust, word of mouth is possibly the most effective (and cheapest) way to let your customers do the advertising for you. 

When you offer incentives to people on your texting list, make sure they know that they can share those same incentives with friends and family.

Everything you need to know about word-of-mouth advertising. (Yotpo)

They will know people who are interested in the goods or services you offer and will do a lot of your work for you.

Types of incentives

For starters incentives gives the customer value. They feel that their loyalty to your product or service grants them something in return. Incentives also show customers that they are appreciated and important to your business.

Giveaways and sweepstakes are ideal for getting people to opt in to your texting list.

For the cost of one giveaway item or service, you can potentially get hundreds of mobile numbers to text. Freebies are also great incentives. You can get a lot of people to opt in just by offering an inexpensive freebie to them.

Once you’ve established a good-sized texting list, you can continue to offer other types of incentives. Mobile coupons, limited time discounts, and refer-a-friend discounts are great ways to keep your customers coming back and bringing their friends.