SMS or Short Message Service, is the tool for any business

SMS is effective, cost efficient, and adaptable making it ideal to integrate into any business’ existing marketing strategy. Because there are so many different ways to use mobile marketing, it can be used  to meet a variety of business goals.

Here’s a look at three different ways your business can use mobile marketing and how it can benefit you

Outbound SMS

When you think about how effective and inexpensive it is. No other mobile marketing tool gives as much bang for its buck as SMS. Utilize it to send special offers, inform customers of promotions, send shipping notifications, or any number of customer services.

Because 95% of texts are read within five minutes, there is no better way to send out time sensitive information such as a one-day deal.

While other forms of advertising require consumers to be on the internet, texts can reach just anyone with a mobile device, which is virtually everyone.

Texts cost pennies to send and they automate your marketing strategy. Making calls can be expensive and there is no guarantee that a person will answer the first, second, or third time. It also doesn’t require the efforts of a design team like a mobile app would.

Inbound SMS

SMS isn’t always about sending out texts to your customers. Your customers can also text your business.

Via text, customers can respond to special offers that were sent to them, opt in to a texting loyalty club, enter sweepstakes or other competitions, give feedback, and even request information. Automatic text response systems can receive a text and reply with the appropriate response based on keywords in the incoming text.

One creative use for inbound texting is a program called Text2CallBack which allows customers to text a time that they will be available and a person will then call at that time.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

IVR allows customers to reply to questions from an automated caller by using the buttons on their phones. Because automated telephone services can be available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, it eliminates waiting times and staffing.

If you’re wondering how your company could use IVR, think of payments over the phone. With IVR, payment by phone is fast and automated and can be done on the customer’s own time.

Another great aspect of IVR is that you don’t have to use a generic robot-sounding voice. Imagine how effective it is if a customer is calling in to a company that specializes in adventure gear and is greeted by the voice of Bear Grylls. Your company can consider using the voice of somebody your customers would recognize and respond to positively.