In any sales pitch or marketing effort, honing in on the consumer and what they want is key to winning them over. However, in order to figure out who someone is and what they want, a salesperson might have to go to a bit of effort. Some consumers are not the chatty or open-type personality, it can be difficult to get the necessary information to win over the consumer and make a sale–step in chatbots.

AI chatbots provide insights

AI chatbots can observe a consumer’s digital day-to-day activities and use that information to better serve them. A chatbot can avoid the get-to-know-you questions of “where are you from” and “what do you like to do” because they know where and how the consumers spend their digital time.

As stated in a recent Marketing article, “AI chatbots are a machine-learning tool that can understand the customer through a wide variety of transactions and digital footprints.” As AI chatbots interact with consumers on a continual basis, they know the habits, patterns and general interests of consumers. So as companies use these bots to connect with customers, they simultaneously have are a treasure trove of information.

Machine learning for the introverts 

Getting information from consumers can be challenging, especially if they are consumers who shy away from social interactions. AI chatbots allow companies to avoid the need to talk over the phone and speak to a representative.

Venture Beat writer John Brandon explains it by saying, “Introverts will look for almost any means possible to complete tasks, pay for goods and services, and resolve conflict without speaking to strangers.” By being able to communicate, purchase, and receive other services through automated customer service “agents”, anyone can do so easily–and at their own leisure.

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AI Chatbots Work for Everyone

Since AI chatbots get to know the user, all users benefit from services offered by AI-powered technology. They essential have the ability to improve the user experience on any digitally-required function or service. Users can send a text to order food, call a taxi or buy plane tickets.

AI chatbots are pushing the lines of consumer and company relations. Now more than ever, companies can connect to consumers on a personal level—through text messages, through social media and more. And the opportunity for growth is not diminishing. As Sachin Jaiswal, CEO of the AI-ordering service app Niki says, “While we have seen many advancements in AI in the year 2016, many experts believe that 2017 will be the year when AI really start majorly impacting the everyday lives of millions around the world.”