Have you ever attended CES? CES is the place to see the latest and greatest technology of the year. Since the recent CES show, we’ve heard a lot about the new technology that is coming out, but the real question is what is the best mobile technology of 2019?

Get your huge phones

Every few years, phones get a new fad. First, people wanted the smallest phones they could possibly get. I remember seeing commercials where they would compare phones to small objects and show you just how easy they would be to fit in your pants or your wallet. Even though there were still some of us more concerned about losing the tiny phone than being able to fit it anywhere, the fad continued. Now, however, it has gone the opposite direction. Bigger is better in the smartphone market. The best mobile technology now comes with huge screens making it easier to use your phone as an all-purpose device. No more need for laptops when you can just do it all on your phone.

Wearable technology

If you thought you were geeky and unfashionable, think again. The best mobile technology this year is wearable, which makes smartwatches the new black, according to Engadget. Companies like Pebble showed off their new smartwatches and other technology that gives you everything you want on your wrist. Life is just so much easier when you don’t have to do much to get to all of your emails and phone calls. This industry is just beginning, and a lot is expected out of 2014 in the wearable technology industry. We already live in a Sci-Fi movie from the 50s, but we’re getting even closer to making all of it a reality.

Connecting your life

Another thing we saw a lot at CES this year was the way that technology is connecting everything in our lives. It used to be that when you were home, you were home. If you were at the store, that was all you had to think about. Work couldn’t come home with you even if you wanted it to. You had to stop worrying about the house being safe and move on. Technology is making it easier to blend everything together though. This means you can control your TV, alarm system, vehicle and heater all while working from your smartphone. Smartphones can do almost anything, and the new stuff shown at CES shows just how much closer we are to having everything computerized in our lives.

AI messaging

With all these great technological advancements, AI messaging is emerging as a new form of communications. You can easily communicate with your customers by using AI messaging, and it will never go out of style. Even smartwatches allow you to send and receive text messages. It is a changing world, but your marketing techniques can stay the same.