This holiday season, as I’ve been doing my Christmas shopping, I’ve noticed that there have been more and more businesses trying to get my phone number. They want to start sending me texts. And guess what. It actually works! Almost every business that asks for my number so they can send me deals gets it! It seems that businesses have finally caught on and realized how much room there is to grow with text marketing. They have finally realized how essential texting can be to a good marketing strategy.

Good text marketing is key

There are always good and bad examples of using text marketing. Of course, if used properly, SMS can be a “valued component of a holistic marketing efforts,” according to the Next Web. You have to get customers to sign up for it with the new regulations, which means your customers also know how to quickly and easily get you to stop sending them text messages. If you don’t have a good text marketing strategy or if you aren’t sending valuable texts, customers will just drop you and never be willing to add you again. Here’s a couple of examples of good and bad text marketing:

Bad – Starbucks

I signed up for Starbucks text marketing, so I could be notified every time they had some sort of deal. Then, the texts began coming. Never did I get a text that I found valuable to me. I was hoping to get discount texts or to know when there was some kind of new promotional beverage going on. Instead, they sent texts telling me to go buy drinks and buy gift cards for my friends. If I was an avid Starbucks shopper, maybe I would have liked it, but I really only go there every once in a while, and this didn’t make me want to come back in. Instead, I unsubscribed because of how annoying the texts were.

Good – Costa Vida

Costa Vida is a restaurant chain that is still fairly small but is expanding. One time, I signed up for text alerts. A couple of times a month, they text me deals on food, such as a smothered burrito for $3 off all day, which is a pretty good deal, I’d say. As soon as I get that around 10 in the morning, I change my lunch plans and head into Costa Vida. Good text marketing will get the customer in the door and not just tell them to buy your product.

What you can do

The most important thing for you to do is to get started right now with good text marketing. As more businesses are doing it, you will want to get started right away to beat the competition. There is still a lot of opportunity to grow and expand your marketing efforts in the texting industry, but you may start losing those opportunities if you don’t get started right away. After enough time, there will be so much text marketing going on that if you weren’t there in the beginning, you won’t be able to get in at all. Get started today to make sure you don’t get left behind.