More and more wearable technology is being produced. Businesses are actively trying to stay ahead of the curve and provide better wearables for their customers. In a few years, everyone will have a smartwatch, which means the way we view content could change drastically. What does this mean for marketing? And will it affect the way we produce content in the future?

New interfaces to view content

Wearable technology has limited interfaces with much less viewing capabilities than our current smartphones and tablets. Wearable technology includes anything from smartwatches to virtual reality to personal assistants. And while the wearable technology industry is only going to expand further, it will continue to mean new interfaces to view content, and you’ll need to produce accordingly. Right now, it means limited interfaces for your content, so you’ll need to improve on shorter, quality content in the future. The types of content will change as well. For example, if you are advertising to a customer through virtual reality, you wouldn’t want to provide the same ad as someone who is getting a text marketing message. You would want to create an ad that would work well in a virtual reality setting and that has the same 3D aspects.

Audio to become more relevant

With the era of radio, audio became very useful in spreading information. But the internet changed that and made online articles the new way of getting information. With wearable technology limiting the space a person can see things, audio is going to become increasingly more important to consumers. They want to be able to easily hear everything they need instead of having to read it. However, there will still be a need for written online article content since many people view the internet from different devices in different ways.

More interaction

With the ability to have technology attached to your wrist, it will be easier than ever to interact with your customers. Of course, maintaining a text marketing relationship with your customers will always be valuable regardless of the new wearable technology, but you will need to find other ways to interact with your customers. With this technology, you can more easily target customers based on their location to do location-based marketing. You can easily personalize their experience at their store by using GPS to track down items and show them where to find it.

Continue what you are doing now

When trying to figure out what you should do to prepare for the technology of the future, you should continue what you are doing now. All the content you are currently offering your customers will still be relevant even with more wearable technology. The biggest change will be that you have to provide more content. More videos, pictures, and audio will be expected. Many businesses right now are surviving off blog articles alone, but that won’t cut it anymore in a few years. You will need to focus on other types of content if you are going to survive the change to the wearable technology world.