T-Mobile used to be a cheap carrier nobody really wanted to use if they could go to a top-tier phone carrier such as Verizon. However, in the last few years, T-Mobile has jumped the charts and is now competing heavily as a top carrier. There are a lot of reasons for that boost, including a better network offering. However, one of the biggest reasons for T-Mobile’s success has been their customer service department. Customers get everything they want from customer care, whether that be a simple answer from AI Chatbot or help getting charges refunded on their bills. Here’s a few lessons to learn from T-Mobile customer service.

  1. Almost no wait

There is almost no wait in line to get a hold of a customer service agent. In fact, customers who are on a wait can opt in to have a customer agent call them back when it is their place in line, so they don’t have to continue waiting. Another option is for customers to log in to their account online and ask for a customer service agent to call them. At this point, a customer can choose to get called immediately (after a few minutes of wait) or schedule a callback for a later time of the day when you’ll be more available. People who are already experiencing a problem are going to be much happier if they don’t have to wait on the line for an hour before getting their call answered.

One way for businesses to help decrease wait times is through the use of AI Chatbot. The chatbot can answer questions quickly and easily for customers who are texting or chatting for information instead of having to wait for a live person to be available to help answer basic questions.

  1. Agents can make decisions

One huge mistake companies make is not giving their customer service agents the authority to really make decisions. When calling, a customer is directed through multiple lines before they are finally given to someone who can actually reverse charges or cancel a line.

T-Mobile, on the other hand, has a customer service agent who can answer all your questions and help with your problems immediately.

  1. Going above and beyond

One reasons people really love T-Mobile is that they are willing to go above and beyond to give customers everything they need. They respond to customers on social media sites within minutes, offer weekly rewards for customers, give free Netflix with accounts, and even do promotions once or twice a year offering free product or phone lines. The mobile carrier doesn’t just meet the basic requirements of the contract but tries to do everything to ensure customers are happy to stay with them. That’s what I call great customer service.