SMS messaging services can be crucial to market a business. Dan Hinckley, an experienced digital marketing expert, recently wrote an article for Forbes highlighting five important marketing tips for small businesses in 2017. According to him, number two on the list is “Mobile Takeover.” He says that since 95 percent of Americans own a mobile device and 98 percent of text messages are read, now is the time to take advantage of mobile marketing. “If you have not yet developed a mobile marketing strategy, you’ll want to invest the time to do so in 2017,” says Hinckley.

If you and your business have yet to look into SMS messaging for businesses, consider the advantages now. Automated SMS messaging allows you to effectively communicate with consumers and customers, allowing you to market valuable and timely information to them and allowing them to gets responses to questions they have and receive the help they need.

SMS Messaging for Businesses

So how does a business go about reaching customers through SMS messaging? There are quite a few companies that offer automated SMS messaging services. Decide what your SMS messaging goals are and find the company that has the right services to meet your goals.

Once you found the system that will best work with your goals, start using it! Start reaching out and communicating through an effective and efficient SMS messaging program.

Reaching Customers Via SMS Messages

SMS message services will receive your contact list of customers or clients you want to reach out to. Make sure you have permission from your contacts to send and receive text messages. Then you can decide what messages you want sent out and when. You can select how often people will receive text messages and even program automatic follow up texts.

Automated services will also provide easy-response procedures. So if you send out a text message in one of your campaigns, customers who receive the text can easily respond with a question or query. If the SMS service has AI chatbots backing your services, then customers can immediately get responses to their questions.

There are many examples in which automated SMS messages services have benefited companies. One simple example is through appointment reminders. A healthcare facility can set up an automated text message reminder system. With the automated system in place, the day prior to an appointment, clients will receive an automated text message reminding them of the day, time, and location of their appointment. Then if the person no longer needs the appointment, they can simply text a reply to cancel the appointment. The simple process will allow businesses to make better use of their time and resources and improve productivity.

Smart Customer Service

With a SMS message service, customers and clients can communicate customer service needs or questions quickly to a business. Customers are easily frustrated by long calls or lines to get customer service help. With SMS messages, customers can text in questions and receive automatic answers backed by AI chatbots. Customers will feel the difference and appreciate the quick and easy means by which they can receive answers to their questions.

Today, almost everyone has a phone and most people with phones are sending and receiving text messages. Better reach your audience through direct SMS message services. Better serve your customers through automated and quick customer service responses. Your customers will notice and appreciate the better communication that your business provides through SMS messages.