There are millions of ways you can do mobile marketing, but not all of them will be effective

Though there are a few ways you can guarantee you are going in the right direction with your mobile marketing. In fact, there are three things you need to consider if you are going to make sure your mobile marketing is effective.

Relevant timing and message

Sending a text offering free perfume to a single male is probably not going to get you very far. In fact, neither will advertising Depends to a 22 year old woman. This is why it is so important to know your audience and make sure you are advertising specifically to them. Maybe a few people outside of your audience will fit the mold and want advertisements too, but most of your customers will fit into a specific group of people–a demographic.

To stay relevant, you need to make sure all your material is related to ideas that the target audience would be interested in. If your target audience is teenage boys interested in sports, reference sports in your tweets or offer discounts on rock climbing you obviously wouldn’t want to introduce information about makeup to the boys who aren’t interested in buying that. Keep the information related to the customer, and make sure you know what your customer wants.

Automatic responses and instantaneous communications

Customers hate when they have to wait a few days for a response. In this day and age, making the customer wait at all ends up being disastrous. There’s always a competitor willing to get it to them faster. You need to get things figured out in real time.

Offer ways to help your customers get information faster. Make sure your website is up to speed and that you are responding to texts immediately. There are business texting platforms with smart technology to automatically respond to texts for you, so you don’t have to actually answer every text that comes in to your company. This is one of the best ways to offer real time customer service and to make sure your customers are getting everything they want in real time. Mobile marketing is done better if it is quick and efficient.


People want things to be as fast and easy as possible, which means your mobile site needs to be usable through all social media platforms. It needs to be easy to log in to the site and easy to remember their passwords.

Of course, you want things to stay secure, but integration into social media will make all the difference, especially on mobile. They need to be able to easily recognize your company and be able to easily login or check out. There’s nothing worse than trying to buy something through a mobile site and then have to create new passwords or type in your email three times. The most important part of mobile marketing is making sure the process is as easy as possible for your customers, which means allowing them to login through Facebook or Twitter.

Source: Mobile Marketer