There are a ton of different ways you can use mobile marketing to benefit your company and bring in more business. You can use it on current customers or you can use mobile marketing to bring in new customers. How, though, can you make the most of all your mobile marketing opportunities? Here are a few quick tips on ways to maximize your efforts in the coming year, thanks to Forbes:

Develop an app

Forbes recommends that every business needs to have their own mobile app. This may be taking it a little extreme as small boutiques may have no need for an app, but it couldn’t hurt. More or less, if you can afford to pay for app development, you should get it just in case, but it may not always be a worthwhile investment. If your inventory never really changes, an app wouldn’t be useful. It also isn’t that important for companies that have a very limited selection or don’t offer any kind of online purchasing options. A restaurant, for example, that only takes orders in-house would have no need for an app. However, a restaurant chain that takes online orders could make a lot of use for an app. It would allow your customers to easily access your menu and order again and again. Consider the nature of your business and needs of your customers before deciding on this.

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Everyone wants a good deal, whether they are bargain shoppers or not. And on that point, they are right. Deals are where the money is. Customers feel like you have been loyal to them just as much as they are to you when they get regular deals. Most businesses can’t get by without offering some kind of discounts or specials. The best part about mobile, though, is that you can quickly spread the word about the deals and discounts through texting. Your customers will see the text, and there is a pretty quick turnaround to get them in the door.


It isn’t just enough to host company events. You have to somehow notify your customers and send out reminder. The quickest and most effective way to do this is through mobile. In general, we always carry our phones, so you can get away with sending a quick text reminder about the event. Your customers will quickly get the memo.


Though Forbes recommends working on a loyalty program, it is not always necessary. Most small businesses fighting to get customers to come back will do well to have a loyalty program. Keep track of loyalty rewards points through mobile is the easiest and most effective way, and you can even send reminders to your customers. However, this typically will only work in specific industries. Again, take a look at the needs of your customers to determine whether or not it would be worth putting together. If not, it would be a waste of time and money.

No matter what you want to do with your business, mobile marketing will help you get there. You just have to determine what will work best for you and your company.

Source: Forbes