As technology changes, so does the way your audience absorbs information. That means you need to be changing your marketing strategy with your consumers. And while some forms of marketing such as text marketing will never go away, you should also be looking at newer forms such as video marketing.

Why video marketing?

Video Marketing will claim more than 80% of web traffic by 2019, and 64% of customers are more likely to buy your product after viewing a video about it. And if that wasn’t enough to convince you, here are some other reasons video marketing is so essential to a business.

  • Customers are more likely to remember a video than text
  • Google’s SEO algorithm uses video to determine rankings, so it can improve your positioning in web searches
  • Video works well across all devices
  • Consumers are more likely to consume, share, and engage with video content

Steps to success

You now realize why it is so important that you are making and sharing videos to sell your products. But what can you do to ensure you have successful videos? Here are 5 steps to take.

  1. Choose a topic: Your first step will be to pick a topic that works well with your consumers. Maybe it is an informative video that teaches them how to use your product or maybe it is a funny video making fun of the competition. The topic of your video is the most important piece. People are more likely to share it if it connects with them on an emotional level, whether that is through humor, sadness, etc.
  2. Decide on video format & script: Maybe you want to make an animation video, or maybe you want a documentary style. You have to decide the style you want and work out a script.
  3. Get a professional or take a class: If you haven’t ever made an online video before, you will need to figure out exactly how to do it yourself. If you want to make videos on a regular basis, you can take a class on making videos to learn how to do it yourself. You can also hire contractors who will take on one project at a time to make some videos for you.
  4. Film your video: Take the shots and get it all put together. Edit the content to give you the best shots and best finished video.
  5. Test your video: Before releasing your video on social media where you can be crucified for doing something wrong, run it by a few people first. Test it with a few customers to see how they feel about it, and make sure there isn’t anything horrible that needs to get fixed. If it all looks good, post it.

Where to post your video

You should have a how-to section on your website where you keep all your informative videos that explain how to use your product. Anything else can go in with your regular blogging. If you want to engage customers and get them to share with their friends, post your videos to social media. You can send emails with the video or text marketing messages with links to the video. You can even use the videos as paid ads on social media. Whatever you do, know that engagement is key, and you will get the most engagement if your video is easy to share.