Post-holiday shopping and sales

Every business will hit a slow patch the week between Christmas and New Years. If anyone does show up to your store, it will either end in you losing money due to a return or breaking even because the item was returned and a new one was purchased. Few people run out and do a lot of shopping during the week. Luckily, you can use business texting during that week to bring in more customers and remind them that you are there.

SMS marketing in retail

The first thing you need to do is come up with a promotion you would like to offer. As a retailer, you may want to consider doing a half-off sale of all items that were specifically purchased for Christmas sales.

After you have figured out what will be on sale, you need to determine the time frame for the sale. Since the intention is to specifically bring in more business between Christmas and the end of the year, send out a text telling your customer you are having a sale that will only last through the end of the year-specifying any days your business may be closed. This will bring in customers feeling like they only have a short time to get in and buy stuff at a discount.

SMS marketing for restaurants 

Restaurants have nearly the same problem as retailers. It seems like most of the people who come in after the holidays are there using gift cards. It is a pretty good time for restaurants, as people are out and about, eating out a lot. This means you need to find ways to get your customers to come to you instead of going to a competitor.

Send a text to all your customers offering a buy one get one half off entree, or something similar to that. It will distract your customers from all the competition and make sure they make their way to you. If you offer appetizers, you could also do a coupon to get more people into the doors. Anything free or any kind of discount will give you the advantage and bring in more business.

Doing business to business

A lot of companies out there are thinking this is a good break time because you offer services to businesses, and they are all closed.

The truth is, this is the perfect time to advertise.

Whether you sell furniture to businesses or sell office supplies, now is the time to remind your customers you are there for them. And there will be hardly any other companies to compete with since they are all in the mindset of using this time as a break. Send a text reminding your clients that you are there for them when they need you and that you wish them a happy holiday. This will give them a sense of your caring and relationship for them.

No matter what kind of business you run, business texting can get you where you need to be between Christmas and New Years this year.