Everyone knows that there can be too much of a good thing

The same goes for text message marketing. Recently, mobile marketing techniques have garnered attention. Text message marketing has proven itself as one of the fastest and most effective methods of communication with customers. But businesses are falling into the trap of sending spam instead of texts.

For consumers, nothing is more annoying than sorting through spam to find the important messages.

Legal considerations

The first thing businesses need to keep in mind about spamming is that it can be illegal. If a company is buying cell phone numbers, or getting them some other way, and then sending texts to them without permission, they are breaking the law.

Before beginning any kind of text message marketing campaign, make sure that all the people that will be receiving texts have given their consent. Failing to do so can lead to a number of legal problems.

Perception is everything

If a consumer perceives a message as spam, it’s spam.

To avoid that fatal perception, it’s important that marketers put a lot of thought into the text message before it’s sent. The most important aspect of a good text is the value to the person receiving it.

If these texts don’t offer them anything, they will quickly get annoyed and take themselves off the list. Additionally, consider frequency. Sending texts daily is over the top, but wait too long between texts, and customers may forget about the company. Remember you often do show up as a five digit number on their phone.

Text message marketing done right

In order to make the most of a text message marketing campaign, make sure it is compliant with the law, done in moderation, and contains value for consumers.

Following these few simple rules will keep customers on the contact list happy. Most importantly, they won’t associate a company with spam and will be more likely to remain a loyal customer.