Keeping your customers happy is a huge part of what you probably do every day at your business. Of course, there’s all the other stuff, but customer service still takes on a huge role. And as businesses have tried their hardest to understand how to work with Millennials, they are now facing a new challenge of how to work better with Generation Z, the next group of young kids about to become their new customers. There are some things your business needs to know if you want to work well with this generation.

Gen Z is very comfortable with technology

The oldest generation of people seemed to really like in-person interactions, whether that is over the phone or through shopping in person. The Millennials seemed to be almost exclusively interested in working through online shopping and chatbots. Generation Z, however, has no problem using both and expects both to be available to them. According to Media Post, the people in Gen Z are much more likely to pick up their phone, search for a business, and use click-to-call to reach that customer. They are just as comfortable looking up the business they want as they are calling them to get what they need.

Faster customer service is important

Gen Z grew up with technology at their fingertips. They had the ability to look up whatever they wanted and get it within seconds. Most of them don’t even remember what it was like to wait fifteen seconds for a website to load. So it makes sense they wouldn’t be very patient waiting for you to answer the phone. In fact, adults between the ages of 18 and 24 are 60% more likely to hang up after the phone has been ringing for 45 seconds instead of continuing to wait for someone to answer. That means your customer service staff needs to be easily available and accessible to them all the time.

By offering text marketing customer service and AI Chatbot to communicate more quickly and efficiently with your customers, you will give them multiple ways to reach you but will also make it much faster for everyone to get through to you. It means you are more likely to be able to answer that call within 45 seconds, and your customers won’t have to wait on hold to speak with your business.


Another thing for your business to know about Gen Z is that they can multitask. While on the phone with your business, they can be tweeting about the call, researching everything you are saying, and coming up with their own conclusions about the situation. One thing to take from this is that your customer service agents need to be very well trained on your company, so they can always provide the most accurate information. It can be very troubling to a Gen Z person to get an answer from customer service that is different from what they are currently reading on the site. Transparency is also very important. If you try to lie about something, it will take them five seconds to read a review from someone else that tells them the truth. And you should be as quick and efficient as possible so they can go on with the things they have to do for the day instead of waiting for your call to end. Never underestimate the power a bad tweet can have on your business.