As technology advances, there are more ways to reach mobile markets and it’s up to brands to come up with creative mobile marketing ideas to keep consumer interest

The Allstate app

With that said there are several companies who have already figured out how to do just that. Allstate, the insurance company, has come up with a new interactive marketing application that has been welcomed with open arms by their current customers as well as brought in a wave of new customers. Not only does Allstate’s new app benefit consumers, it also benefits the company by making it easier to monitor policy holders.

You might be wondering why consumers would want an app that records their driving behavior, but Allstate has discovered that consumers like this idea as they can receive discounts and other benefits (primarily lower premiums) by showing they good driving habits. Parents of teen drivers also appreciate the app because it allows them to monitor their driving habits in addition to setting specific limits to their driving. Once those limits are broken, the app sends notifications to the parents keeping them informed.

Allstate launches teen driving app for parents. (Chicago Tribune)

Allstate has discovered that because consumers are aware that their driving habits are being monitored, they are also more responsible drivers making the roads a safer place in the long run. Another great feature of the application is when consumers have questions they are able to receive real-time feedback from their agents, an incentive that draws in much business in and of itself.

Focusing on customer experience

Interactive applications that reward the consumers, such as the one Allstate has created, are a great way to promote business as well as keep track of data in order to improve business. Up til now, the only way insurance companies could monitor their policy holders was either by trusting the word of the policy holders, or installing a complicated device onto the car. Not only is this tedious, it’s also costly to the consumer.

Allstate’s interactive app is completely free to the consumer, and ultimately saves the business money in the long run.  The most important part of mobile marketing for consumers is the convenience that comes with it.  If interactive applications are difficult and tedious to use, consumers won’t waste their time with them.  If companies want to find success through mobile marketing, they must keep it simple as well as cater to the wants and needs of their consumers.