Mobile marketing is always changing and improving based on the new technology being released. But a new Bacon-smell alarm clock from Oscar Meyer might change the future of mobile marketing

We all know that smell can be a very powerful motivator, which is why people trying to sell a house will bake fresh bread or cookies during an open house, but how can you use those smells to your marketing advantage?

Step aside wienermobile

Oscar Meyer thought, “Hey! Everyone loves bacon. What if they could wake up to the smell of bacon every morning?” Via app?

That’s why they developed the app and attachment to allow you to wake up to the smell of bacon when it is time to get up instead of having to listen to a buzzing alarm. There is a small plug-in that can be put in your phone and set up to go off every morning. This will not be available for purchase, so those who want it have to go to Oscar Meyer website and sign up. And only a few people are going to be chosen to actually get the smartphone device.

The biggest problem I see with it is that you won’t be able to actually eat bacon after waking up to the smell of it, and that will bring a lot of disappointment.

Smell-o-vision or not the technology is improving

If this kind of technology progresses and becomes the norm, it may be possible to use scents to notify your customer of things.

By associating your company with a positive scent, like the smell of bacon for Oscar Meyer, you’ll do a couple of things. First, brand recognition–which is something we all love in a saturated media space. Second, it associates positive smells and memories with your company. The potential could allow for different smells to come out when you’ve sent a text to a customer or when they’ve gotten a notification from your app. Of course, the way the technology works right now, you’d either have to send a smell attachment to your customer or convince them to buy one for their phone. But technology is always improving, so the potential is there.

Mobile marketing plan of the future

As you can see, the future is never crystal clear, but there are ways to see what might come in the future. Technology that might seem really far off might actually only be a couple of years out, and then your company will need to decide exactly how to change marketing strategies. Always be on top of current marketing trends. Otherwise, you might end up always being two steps behind everyone else, which will get you nowhere. Maybe the bacon alarm clock isn’t for you, but that doesn’t mean it won’t help bring in more customers.

Source: International Business Times