One of the worst parts of using a smartphone is the inability to type on the keyboard

And on top of that, you type hoping it won’t autocorrect to something inappropriate. A new device may be just what you need, a mobile keyboard that you can connect to your phone could be exactly what you need to get through while working on your phone. And here’s all the juice you need to know about it.

All about the TrewGrip mobile keyboard accessory

What do you think about this? You have, more or less, a keyboard that hooks onto your phone. The phone suctions to the middle of it, and the keyboard falls on both sides of the phone. Then, you can easily hold the keyboard/phone and type to people without having to deal with tiny buttons that might leave you saying the wrong thing. Theoretically, after getting used to the way the buttons sit, it is a seamless way to quickly type emails and messages to your friends, family, or even your co-workers. There may be a lot of uses for it such as working in the medical industry to use in retail to use in your own home.

Not for everywhere you go

One thing to note about this keyboard is that it isn’t something you will take with you. It is more of a mobile keyboard accessory that you will keep on the couch to type while watching TV or that you will take with you on a road trip in case you need to send some emails or texts while on the road. It is a way of making your phone completely user friendly, or at least as friendly as a laptop, without having to actually buy a new laptop. So, maybe it isn’t for everyone. It might mostly be for students or entrepreneurs trying to work everywhere they go.

Is it for you?

Realistically, this kind of keyboard isn’t for everyone. It is too bulky to take with you everywhere you go. You can’t fit it in your pocket or your purse. So, most people won’t find a lot of use for it. However, it seems like people aren’t even using their computers anymore. Smartphones have practically replaced laptops since they are easy to use everywhere you go, so maybe it would be more convenient to own just a smartphone instead of a laptop and keep one of these around for the times you need to type up a long email.

Maybe instead of owning a computer, which can get really expensive, you could just keep everything you need on the cloud and access it from your smartphone. It is just one option for people in our world where personal computers have become a little bit less essential. However, if you have a laptop already and don’t do a lot on your phone besides the occasional email or text, then it may not matter much anyway. It all depends on what works best for you.

Source: NBC News