We’ve all been frustrated at one point or another with the websites of our favorite airlines

While the convenience of checking in online or through the company’s app is advertised, it’s almost easier to just wait in line to check-in at the airport simply because of all the problems airline websites have. I’m sure we’ve all often wondered why airline companies have not made mobile access easier, and United Airlines is taking initiative to do just that.

United Airlines’ new app

United Airlines has announced that they are redesigning their app for IOS and Android, as well as their website, in hopes of boosting mobile bookings. Mobile marketing technology is especially competitive in the airline business, but United is confident that their app will be most convenient for customers.  

The new app now has the required software to allow customers to browse and watch 150 movies and 200 television shows while on a flight if they are connected to the airline’s Wi-Fi service.  Prior to boarding, customers can use the app to check in-flight amenities, flight status, and other information that we usually just have to sit around and wait for the airline to announce.  Perhaps one of the most convenient features of the app is the layout.  While walking through terminals, customers can easily see and access key touch points on the app with minimal effort simply because of the bold and organized layout.

United Airlines App Gets Redesign in Latest Update, New Features Also to be Found. (Droidlife)

Importance of apps and websites when mobile marketing

We live in a society today that is focused mainly on convenience. Business will be lost if information is not easily accessed, and United’s experienced this first hand, which is why they feel it is important to use mobile technology to their advantage.

While mobile marketing can often be expensive, companies who have seen the success from it will encourage that it was worth every cent.  Surprisingly, most companies do not use mobile technology for marketing.  Mobile Marketer states that in the airline industry alone, only 22% of the top 50 airliners give their customers easy mobile access to their website.

 As consumers, we have a tendency to rely on the convenience of our mobile devices, so chances are if it is easier to book flights or purchase product through apps on our phones, that’s where our business will end up.  Not only airline companies, but every company should have a hand in mobile marketing through apps and websites if they want their business to grow.

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