We see tons of our top customers are NOT properly scrubbing their lists after import. No matter how good your other scrubber is, we stand behind our built-in scrubbing feature and have tested it and proven it to be the most accurate in the market. We pull from all open-source systems, Federal Do Not Call registries, litigation registries and our Natural Language AI monitors and tracks the risk of each phone number.

We recommend utilizing the landline and invalid number scrubber to drive higher response rates and avoid bounce backs from mobile carriers, causing delay in your campaigns. Not only does it waste credits it also can get your accounts flagged.

Who sends hundreds of texts to landlines? That is the question carriers have to ask themselves and the answer/assumption is not in our favor.

How to scrub:

  • Click into your “All Contacts” group
  • Click the “More” dropdown in upper right
  • Choose Landline Scrub
  • Chose the “Free & Paid” option

Here is a screenshot:

sms delivery

The cost is 1 credit per record that was not found by our “Free” scrubber so calculate that in your credit budgeting. If you select “Free & Paid” it still only charges you for scrubs NOT covered by the Free. It runs Free first and afterward, it runs the Paid. Typically, Free & Paid together is 30% more accurate than Free alone.

With Aviaro’s Scrubbing feature you can ensure your SMS delivery rates are high and your revenue flowing. Another popular feature that can improve your SMS delivery is Spintax. Spintax allows you quickly create hundreds of variations of the same text message. I recommend reading our best practices guide on how to use Spintax.