chantel mass texting blog

by Chantel Fullilove

Email campaigns to market to our customers is an effective way to ensure they learn about your deals, promotions, blog posts, and updates. Emails can be as short or as long as you need, with the added benefit of being able to track consumer behavior in real time.

SMS is Instantaneous

We love sending emails, and we do it regularly! However, email marketing, while effective for many reasons, is not the best tool for communicating directly with customers. Using SMS ensures you are reaching your opt-in leads everywhere and anywhere nearly instantaneously. With the average cell phone user checking his phone every twelve minutes, text messaging is the easiest way to reach consumers across the country.

Texting is Personal

Everyone, including business owners, is subscribed to numerous company email campaigns to receive discounts, promotions, or information from businesses. Email marketing allows you to achieve a high click-through-rate, but it doesn’t have quite the personal connection that texting does. It is all too easy to delete emails as they come in, and since customers can’t traditionally respond to business email campaigns, there is very little two-way engagement between the consumer and the company.

Text Messages are Read in 4 Seconds

The beauty of texting is that 98% of text messages are read within 4 seconds of being received. Talk about an amazing open rate! And,thanks to Aviaro’s URL shortener feature with tracking, it’s simple to view click-throughs on SMS messaging to customers. Text messaging is the quickest way to reach customers and the most effective way to communicate with them directly, as well.

Aviaro allows you to supplement your email campaigns with text messaging so customers will always think of you and know about your deals, specials, and more – texting combined with email ensures you and your company will never be “out-of-sight, out-of-mind”!

Give us a calltext, or email today to learn more about how you can use SMS to make your email campaigns better; we can even integrate them on your platform!