Customer service is one of the key parts of every business. And as technology is progressing, there are more ways than ever to reach out to your customers and get them the information they need. Social media has provided many outlets for companies to communicate. This is great because it means that you can help them resolve any issues your customers are having, receive positive feedback, and do a better job at getting and keeping customers.

Twitter released new customer service capabilities

Among the social media sites you should be using to stay in touch with customers is Twitter, and Twitter just made that a whole lot easier. Your business can now indicate whether or not support is provided which will then enable a direct message button allowing customers to send a private message to your team, even if they aren’t following your company, according to TechCrunch. Your business can display hours of customer service, and you have the ability to see anytime a customer references you @yourbusiness on Twitter, which is also a huge help in finding when someone needs help. Twitter has done an amazing job of recognizing the need for easier customer service interactions on Twitter and building a new way for communication.

Other social media platforms to use

There are many other social media platforms available for you to reach out to your customers. Facebook is essential; if you don’t have a Facebook business page already, you should get one set up right away. It is one of the number one ways people are getting in touch with businesses these days, and it gives your company a great opportunity to show potential customers that you are already taking care of the ones you currently have.

Having a Google+ page means Google will have all accurate information for your business, and it will make it easier for customers to find you in internet searches. It is also a place many people will review and look for reviews on your business. Again, Google+ is another way to show potential customers that you are taking care of any problems that have been brought up.

Though the rest of the other social media platforms are important to have in place to stay in communication with your customers, they don’t offer very good customer service options. On all those social media sites, you can easily post your two-way texting customer service phone number though, and it will help people find you when they have questions.

Two-way text customer service

Two-way texting works amazingly well for customer service as well. It is especially important among the millennial generation where younger customers prefer to work through text than over the phone. With an artificial intelligence texting platform that automatically responds to questions from your customers, you’ll be ahead of the curve and be giving customers exactly what they want.

Source: Techcrunch