Target celebrates the first year of success for their popular “Cartwheel” app.  Even after a nationwide data breech last year, over seven million Target customers still use the app

The creators of the app were pleasantly surprised by its overall success, which ultimately saved business after the devastating breech. When most companies would have gone under after such a massive breech, Target used the Cartwheel app as a reassurance to their customers, sending them even more special deals and unbeatable sale prices as an apology for the damage.

Target credits the app for bringing in hundreds of millions of sales for the company while surpassing $70 million in customer savings. Used correctly, apps can be a great mobile marketing strategy, and Target is just one example.

How the Cartwheel app retains customers

It’s been shown that customers on the Cartwheel app make more frequent trips to Target stores, and they spend approximately 30% more than those who do not use the app.

Why? They’re receiving better deals on products. So what is the secret to the app’s success?  It’s simple. Customers are looking for the best prices with the easiest purchasing options, and Target’s nailed both with the Cartwheel app. Customers are able to use the app to shop from their homes and use it in Target stores to scan items to see if they are on sale.  

To celebrate the app’s first anniversary, the company gave it a massive makeover with game-changing updates such as connections to social networks so Target deals can be shared with everyone.  Frequently updating apps keeps customers interested and involved in the company ultimately bringing in and keeping business.

Perhaps the most important part of mobile marketing is making customers feel valued, and Target does just that using their app to give their customers products they want at the lowest prices while being easy to use and accessible when they need it.

Marketing through social media

Companies should follow Target’s example when it comes to using social media as a mobile marketing strategy.  The Cartwheel app makes sharing Target promotions through Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms simple and convenient for customers, ultimately leading to more advertising for the company. Many believe that Target is so successful because it’s simply a large company, but even small companies can see the same success through the marketing tactics Target uses.  Social media is one of the most successful forms of mobile marketing, and it is available to every company.

While creating company apps can often be costly, it is well worth the expense, and Target is the perfect example of a company that has seen substantial success from mobile app marketing.