Aviaro is the perfect solution for organizations like the Chamber of Commerce that strive to bring local businesses together

When people think of their local Chamber of Commerce, the first thought that often pops into their heads are of networking events with other similar businesses in their area. The purpose of the Chamber of Commerce is to bring resident industries and businesses together to promote professional relationships, help companies grow, and build credibility for business owners looking to expand their customer base. So, how does texting fit into all this?

Chambers of Commerce rely on organization to continually communicate with businesses regarding upcoming events, fundraisers, and training seminars. In many cases, the Chamber’s messages to business owners can fall through the cracks – email campaigns wind up in spam boxes and newsletters get lost in the mail or accidentally thrown in the trash. And if the businesses belonging to a Chamber are small, owners are not likely to have time to search through the Chamber directory to locate information regarding desired events and networking opportunities.


Reach Members Instantly & Drive Engagement

Aviaro gives Chambers of Commerce the ability to reach out to their members instantaneously and affordably. With the platform’s custom auto-responders and contact groups, a Chamber of Commerce can maintain the relationships between particular industries, send reminders to specific business owners regarding events, and send timed follow-up messages afterwards to check in on members who attended. Individual members belonging to the Chamber can also text in questions regarding events and frequently asked questions, as well.


Answer Questions Quickly with Texting

This system works wonders for businesses that are interested in joining their local Chamber of Commerce but want to know more about requirements and fees and benefits for members. Allowing people to ask questions and receive automatic answers is the most efficient way for the Chamber to assist members and non-members alike with minimal effort. The Chamber can even develop a custom marketing funnel that drives potential businesses toward particular packages and events that would be most applicable to their industry.

There are dozens of ways a Chamber of Commerce can utilize Aviaro to work for them, their members, and their prospective members. Thanks to Aviaro’s affordability, a Chamber can even spend as little as $10 a month to allow texters the opportunity to ask questions and learn about the Chamber. There is nothing to lose by trying out the Aviaro platform – we will even give a Chamber free trial credits to learn all the best ways text messaging can benefit their community. Give us a call to learn more! We can’t wait to help our business communities grow!