Personalized mobile marketing is becoming more popular every day, especially with the advancement of mobile technology, finding that the more personalized and accessible the mobile ads are, the more successful they’ll be

 Companies can never go wrong by making their consumers feel individually appreciated rather than just another number. Mobile Marketer has stated that SMS marketing is the most direct and personal way companies can reach consumers. Once consumers have gained enough trust in the company to opt-in to receive SMS advertisements, there is not an easier way to reach out to those consumers and make them feel important to the business.

Hidden Valley’s new SMS marketing campaign

Hidden Valley has found a way to connect directly with families. According to a survey done by Mobile Marketer, the busiest time of day for families is between 5:00 and 7:00 in the evening just after the kids get out of school and it is time to prepare dinner. Often times extra curricular activities, homework, cleaning, and other events get in the way of parents being able to have enough time to prepare meals quickly for their children.

Hidden Valley has caught on to this challenge, and has created a new mobile SMS marketing campaign to help these parents out.  Once parents have opted-in to receive Hidden Valley’s SMS, they receive weekly SMS that include delicious and easy to put together recipes along with videos and images for extra help.

To start receiving the SMS, all parents have to do is text RANCH to 40679 and if they ever want to stop receiving them, they just have to text STOP to the same number. This helps consumers feel like they are in control of how much mobile advertising they receive, ultimately building their trust in the company.

SMS Makes Communicating Easy for Consumers

Consumers are looking for the easiest ways to accomplish simple tasks like dinner, and SMS promotions like Hidden Valley’s have proven successful.  Mobile Marketer states that SMS marketing is effective at inspiring consumers to become frequent users and the purchase rates greatly increase because of the convenience.  Most of the time consumers are looking for such marketing technologies, so companies should take advantage of this new and easy way to market.