In today’s society, convenience drives the decisions of most consumers  

That is why mobile marketing is such a success; advertisements come in convenient forms for the consumers reaching a vast majority of consumers for the business. In addition to advertisements, many companies have incorporated online shopping into their mobile marketing with new mobile commerce options.

Companies benefit from mobile commerce programs because they receive user data which tells them how successful a program is and how interested consumers are in products. With the advancement of tech, it calls companies to be creative and keep up with mobile marketing, and mobile commerce programs only enhance the mobile marketing experience for both companies and consumers.

Food Network’s success with mobile commerce

The Food Network is one of many companies that has taken advantage of mobile commerce as a mobile marketing tactic, and proven successful. In order to help their viewers connect better with their shows, the network has created a new mobile commerce program where viewers can purchase products from their mobile devices while watching their favorite Food Network shows.

Keep in mind, 80% of viewers use their mobile devices while watching television.

The mobile commerce program is interactive, and will offer product from over 50 Food Network shows. The Food Network says viewers have been requesting a way to purchase product used in the shows for years now, and finally they are able to do so with the new mobile commerce program.  Consumers can also share information about the new program with their friends through social media sharing options, ultimately spreading the word and bringing the network more business. Not only does the convenience of the Food Network’s new mobile commerce program drive customer loyalty, it brings in a new form of revenue for them, which is the main goal of mobile marketing.

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Connecting with consumers

Mobile marketing is only successful if companies are actually connecting with their consumers.  Interactive mobile advertisements are perhaps the most successful form of mobile marketing.  With the Food Network’s new mobile commerce program, consumers can view and purchase product directly from the mobile advertisement, making it convenient for them.  

Companies also need to listen to the requests of their consumers, just like the Food Network did.  Give them what they want.  Companies need to attend to where the consumers can and want to be reached.  The majority of consumers own smartphones, tablets, or other mobile devices from which they would prefer to be able to make purchases instead of having to drive to stores.  The Food Network has shown that these mobile commerce programs are successful, and if companies take advantage of mobile commerce programs, business will ultimately expand, and customer loyalty will be enhanced.