Advancing mobile technology is a dream come true for brands as mobile marketing is the easiest and most reliable way to reach consumers today

Before the convenience of smartphones and tablets, it used to be difficult to connect with consumers on a personal level.  Even those consumers with email addresses hesitated to give them to companies in order to receive special promotions. Now scores of consumers do not function without their smartphones and or tablets at hand, consumers are willing to give out their phone numbers and email addresses if they know they’ll receive the best deals and brand content..

Companies are missing a big opportunity when they don’t take part in mobile marketing because consumers are constant looking for convenience, and mobile marketing is the most convenient form of advertising for both consumers and companies.

What is SMS marketing and is it effective

While consumers love the idea of interactive marketing apps or being able to access the websites of their favorite stores from their mobile devices, perhaps the easiest way to connect with consumers through their mobile devices is SMS or text messages.Companies are taking SMS advertisements to the next level, though. A black and white message indicating 10% off their next purchase used to be enough to drive consumer business, however, with advancing technology, consumers expect more.

Wet Seal’s successful SMS campaign

Wet Seal, a clothing company, has upped the ante from their old SMS to a new  MMS platform that sends consumers rich media, images, videos, and social media links. With the majority of their consumers being teenagers, Wet Seal has hit the mark when it comes to connecting with their consumers. Not only have they reached their consumers through a personal way, they have also targeted the advertisement to their consumer type which proves to only increase business.

If companies want to see success from mobile marketing, it is vital that they target their consumers. That black and white SMS ad is no longer as effective as it used to be, and now that the technology is available to companies, they should take advantage of all of their options.

Wet Seal has seen business grow thanks to their new SMS ad, and companies of all types can see the same success if they keep their mobile presence updated and exciting for their consumers.

Source: Mobile Marketers